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Our target market is Christians who want more Christ-like viewing choices, Christians and others who are unaware of the demonic influences and impact on them in the secular entertainment industry, and many who have the passion to write, develop, produce and distribute Christian entertainment choices.

We believe that your product or service will be one of the links that will help make more Christian entertainment choices available and that will help Christians make more knowledgeable and responsible, Christ-like viewing and listening choices, which line up with the Word and will of God according to the Holy Bible.

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“Exposing Hidden Demonic Influences in Entertainment”
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Unveiling the Truth Magazine is a Christ centered magazine with no thought of compromise. We therefore, reserve the right, to reject any advertisement submitted, that does not line up with the teachings of the Holy Bible or that contradicts our mission. Walking in Authority Magazine will be distributed to thousands of churches, ministries, hoouseholds and businesses worldwide.
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